APL+Win Training Pack 1

Basics on How to Write MDI Applications

Download APL+Win Training Pack 1 (274 K)

In the first package, you will receive an MS Word document which describes in detail how to develop the main MDI form of your APL+Win application.

With this document you will learn how to write an MDI application almost identical to the one you would get by using Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 MFC AppWizard. It will be as good looking and approximately as fast as its C++ counterpart.

You also get the corresponding APL+Win workspace containing the complete set of reusable programs which you can adapt to build your own APL+Win MDI applications in minutes.

Here is an example of the MDI application we will be writing:

In this Pack 1 you will learn how to:

  • develop the main MDI form menus
    • the File menu
    • the Edit menu
    • the View menu
    • the Window menu
    • the Help menu
  • create reusable menu functions
  • install and maintain MRUs (Most Recently Used files) in your File menu
  • use .INI files
  • make a number of new low level Windows API calls
  • use several standard Windows dialog boxes
  • hide/show the toolbar and the status bar
  • create child windows
  • cascade child windows, tile them, iconify them, ...
  • update the Window menu with the list of opened child windows
  • call a Windows help file
  • ask for confirmation when exiting he application
  • display a Ready prompt whenever the application is ready

As a bonus, you will get a BUTTONS.BMP bitmap file containing 112 bitmap images for your toolbar buttons, and a GuiBitmaps APL+Win utility which displays all of these images on buttons together with their index in the BUTTONS.BMP file, for easy use with the new APL+Win 'imagelist' and 'imageindex'.

Here is the GuiBitmaps window:

Altogether with the other packs you will be able to build a large library of reusable APL functions which will help you quickly build great looking Windows applications.