APL+Win Training Pack 2

Writing an MDI Application (continued)

Download APL+Win Training Pack 2 (330 K)

Pack 2 describes how to go on developing an MDI application.

You will learn how to:

  • develop the MDI application menus
    • the File menu
    • the Edit menu
    • the View menu
    • the Window menu
    • the Help menu
  • create reusable menu functions
  • install MRUs (Most Recently Used files) in your File menu
  • use .INI files from APL+Win
  • call several Windows API functions
  • use several Windows standard dialog boxes
  • hide/show the application toolbar and status bar
  • display a Ready prompt on the status bar
  • create child windows
  • cascade, tile and arrange child windows
  • update the Window menu with the current list of child windows
  • create a basic Windows help file
  • call a Windows help file from APL+Win
  • ask for confirmation when exiting the application
  • return to Windows when exiting the application