APL+Win Training Pack 3

Improving your APL+Win Environment & Formula One VBX

Note: the Formula One VBX part of this Training Pack is obsolete as the 16-bit VBX technology is no longer used. It's been left here for historical reasons.

Download APL+Win Training Pack 3 (1896 K)
Download APL+Win Training Pack 3 Update (228 K)

The APL+Win Training SETUP3.ZIP file includes:

  • a 100 pages WinWord document full of APL+Win hints and techniques
  • an OBJECTS.W3 workspace
  • an FONEVBX.W3 workspace
  • a reusable ToolBar function and additional APL+Win utilities
  • a revised BUTTONS.BMP file
  • 13 WAV files
  • a Run Time version of Formula One VBX v2.05

The FONEVBX.W3 is a complete multi-media APL+Win application which could be invaluable to many APL users, especially those working with Excel and APL, like actuaries.

As you can see in the above sample FONEVBX screen, this APL+Win application lets you enter any APL expression, capture and install its result instantaneously within an Excel compatible spreadsheet.

With FONEVBX you get the power of both of APL and Excel in one powerful application.

Moreover, with FONEVBX you will be able to:

  • load any APL matrix into the spreadsheet
  • edit your APL data in the spreadsheet
  • return edited data to APL
  • add Excel-compatible formulas
  • print your APL data with Excel-quality printout
  • save your APL data directly as .XLS Excel files
  • import/export data directly between APL and Excel
  • format your spreadsheet with small APL functions (bcol, border, align, ...)
  • format your spreadsheet with complete menus and toolbars
  • use your APL+Win component files from within the spreadsheet!
  • draw various objects on top of the spreadsheet, draw diagrams, ...

The FONEVBX workspace contains a large set of small utilities that will allow you to do almost anything you want from your APL session and programs to the Formula One object. It also includes the 320 ŒNA declarations necessary to use the Formula One DLL functions, a task which would require several days of hard work.

NOTE: FONEVBX.W3 requires APL+Win version 2.0+

The OBJECTS workspace contains a important set of utilities and 2 session tools which will help you much improve your APL+Win developmeent environment and let you work with APL+Win like never before!

With the OBJECTS workspace, you will be able to:

  • build an OBJECTS database where you will store all your APL functions, variables, GUI objects
  • use any of these functions, variables and objects directly in any workspace, even a CLEAR workspace
  • maximize APL code reuse
  • edit any interrupted function with one keystroke

Imagine you had stored all APL+Win distributed utilities and all your utilities into one unique OBJECTS database, that this file would contain thousands of functions and variables and imagine that you could use ANY of these functions and variables in any workspace that you just loaded, even a CLEAR workspace. All you have to do is prefix them with a dollar sign ($).

This is what we offer you in this APL+Win Training Pack with the OBJECTS workspace.


      $DEB ' This really is great '
This really is great

      $SStoMAT ' This really is great!'

OBJECTS contain a number of utilities to help you search for APL code in your OBJECTS database, like the $obj, $last and $search utilities.

vtss_dllparse VAR 5278 02-dec-1996 13:03
api32_dllparse VAR 4070 14-oct-1996 09:58
fmDLLParse_ls1_DblClick FN 4393 19-sep-1996 16:02
DLLParse FN 855 19-sep-1996 15:24
AutoStart_DLLPARSE FN 120 23-jul-1996 17:00
DESCRIBE_DLLPARSE VAR 800 23-jul-1996 13:13
DLLParseFn FN 859 26-may-1996 00:15
DLLParseConst FN 858 26-may-1996 00:13
DLLParseStruc FN 860 26-may-1996 00:13
DLLParseArg FN 857 26-may-1996 00:13
dllparse VAR 4223 16-may-1996 01:46
DLLPrint FN 861 16-may-1996 01:16
DLLParse32 FN 856 16-may-1996 01:16
vbdllparse‘DOC VAR 5270 25-apr-1996 14:20
CMDvbdllparse FN 359 25-apr-1996 14:20
GRPCMDvbdllparse VAR 1722 25-apr-1996 14:20

      $last 5
notlocal FN 5517 02-jan-1997 15:48
FOneFns FN 5516 02-jan-1997 10:59
wssize FN 5308 02-jan-1997 09:45
packws FN 4603 02-jan-1997 09:43
setppsec FN 5497 01-jan-1997 23:31

      'FreeLibrary' $search ''

OBJECTS contain a good number of other very useful highly optimized utilities which are great time and effort savers like $usedby and $loaduseby which let you find and retrieve a function and all of its subroutines and global variables (at any level):

      $usedby 'WGetOpenFileName'

      $loadusedby 'WGetOpenFileName'
7 objects loaded

The OBJECTS database is a regular APL+Win User Command Processor file, and therefore in addition to the $ utilities, you may use any of the User Command Processor built in command to maintain it (]uload, ]usave, ]uread, etc.)

In addition to OBJECTS and FONEVBX which are described and explained in detail in the accompanying 100 pages WinWord document (DISK3.DOC), the 3rd APL+Win Training Pack includes:

  • a reusable ToolBar function to build a complete sophisticated APL+Win toolbar in one APL command
  • a utility to play sound files (13 voice files)
  • instructions on how to make your application speak
  • a reusable About box object
  • a reusable CueCard object to display simple help panels
  • a utility and instructions to display context sensitive help
  • an introduction to 4 or 5 low level Windows API calls (explained in detail)
  • instructions on how to use DLLs and ŒNA from APL+Win

As a final example, here are the instructions that created the 3 toolbars of the first sample screen in this HTML page:

      'fmFOne' ToolBar 1 2 18 0 4 0 5 6 7 0 11 0 40 0 36 37 0 1003 0 8 0 114 0 117 75 71 115 0 23 74 76 116
      'fmFOne' ToolBar 1001 0 1002 0 22 29 45 0 31 25 34 0 92 95
      'fmFOne' ToolBar 1004

where the numbers either point to bitmap images in our BUTTONS.BMP file or have special meaning (1001=fonts combo box, etc.).

As usual all of the APL+Win routines in our workspaces are free for you to reuse and adapt to your own needs with no royaltees.  We simply ask you to keep our Copyright notice within their comments.