APL+Win v12.2

The APL+Vin v12.2 release is available and recommended for all current APL+Win subscribers that have APL+Win v12.x installed.

To download this release, visit and click the file "APL+Win v12.2" using your software download username and password.

The APL+Win 12.2 release includes:

Bug Fixes:


The [Config]ToolTipStyle startup parameter did not take affect when set in the APLW.INI file.


The runtime system (aplwr.exe) did not support workspace sizes larger than 2 GB as in the development system (aplw.exe).

APL Grid:

The ampersand character in the XTextSize method was treated as an escape character that underlined the next character in the string.


The value tips were truncated in the session for functions and variables