APL+Win 13.3

The APL+Win v13.3 release is available and recommended for all current APL+Win subscribers.

To download this release, visit and click the file "APL+Win v13.3 Update" using your software download username and password. For a new installation, click the file "APL+Win v13.3 installer".

The APL+Win v13.3 includes the following enhancements/bug fixes

Updates to APL+Win C# Script Engine (CSE)

  • This version of the APLNext C# Script Engine requires APL+Win 13.3.01
  • The CSE .Net assemblies and associated ActiveX object names previously using ‘WPF’ now use 'STA', for ‘single-threaded apartment state’.
  • CSE Installer
    • The installer for the CSE is now available in two formats. Generally the .exe format of the installer should be used, however for the advanced user, the .msi format has additional features which are useful when deploying the CSE. Use including:
      • Silent install
      • Global policy deployment in a Windows Active Directory environment
      • Nesting of the .msi within other installation packages
    • The installer for the CSE now places the .Net assemblies for the CSE, with strong names, into the .Net Global Assembly Cache (GAC) on the target workstation, thus eliminating any potential issues about the location of these assemblies.
    • The installer for the CSE continues to register the applicable CSE .Net assembly as an ActiveX component on the target workstation.
    • The installer will no longer request the target installation path
    • The installer for the CSE is now the only recommended method to deploy the CSE.
  • When multiple C# events are subscribed on the same C# object, the event names are now properly reported.
  • The CSE ‘ExecStmt’ method now accepts an empty string argument.
  • The CSE ‘AddEventHandler’ method now accepts an empty string as its 4th argument.
  • The new CSE ‘returnonerror’ property is implemented to support additional exception handling options for the CSE.
  • The prior values of the CSE ‘returnonerror’ and ‘trackevents’ properties are returned when these properties are set.
  • The CSE ‘GetValue’ method will now throw and APL+Win exception if the type of the requested C# value does not have an analogous APL+Win data type.
  • The CSE ‘Exec’ and ‘ExecStmt’ methods now properly coerce applicable APL+Win □av values to appropriate ASCII or Unicode code points.
  • The CSE ‘AddEventHandler’ method will remove duplicate entries in the internal event subscription table.
  • The CSE ‘RemoveEventHandler’ and ‘RetrieveEventHandler’ methods now have optional arguments
  • The ‘CSE Code Samples’ folder has been updated and now contains the applicable .Net assemblies for examples which also provide the Visual Studio source code.
  • The CSE pdf-format documentation has been updated and enhanced. The documentation and the code samples are now better coordinated and additional examples are provided.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug Fix [APLGUI]:
    In APL+Win 13.2, the text in the Button class did not display (paint) correctly in the APL+Win Keyboard window started with the ]KB User Command. In another instance, the Button class did not return after disabling (enabled=0) then re-enabling (enabled=1) the Button class.
  2. Bug Fix [APLGUI]:
    In APL+Win 13.2, when setting the style property value to 7 (transparent) for the Frame class then changing it to any other style value had no affect.
  3. Bug Fix [APLGUI]:
    In APL+Win 13.2 and earlier, the ]TEXTFILE user command failed with an XFHOST ERROR error message when the argument was a file name.

Note: Workspaces saved in v13.1 and newer will not load in prior versions of APL+Win.

Please send any questions or comments to APL2000 Technical Support