April 2010 Class Manual Errata

Here is a list of typos or errata in the C# & APL+Win Class Manual:

Page 14:Second half of the page: add step 3.5: Change the ImageScaling property to: none
Page 20:In the mNewOrder_Click C# code, replace:
   SelectCar sc = new SelectCar(apl);
   SelectCar sc = new SelectCar();
Page 32:The sample Locals screen shot is misplaced: it should be placed on page 56 as step 53.5 i.e. after you have done all first 53 steps
Page 46: Step 48 1.:Replace: 3 / by: ///
Page 63: Step 57 6.:Replace: LescasseConsultign.AplServer by: LescasseConsulting.AplServer
Page 72: Step 64 1.:Replace: Save by: OK
Page 75: Step 66 9.:Replace: or remove the set line by: or remove the line
Page 82: Step 74 1st paragraph:Replace: not even enters a customer by: not even enter a customer
Page 87: Step 78 3.:Replace: event handler in Form1.cs by: event handler in NewCustomer.cs
Page 91: Step 83 2.:Just after the Tip, replace: that CallFn return something by: that CallFn returns something
Page 93: Step 86 5.:Replace: define 3 properties by: define 4 properties
Page 104: Step 93 1st paragraph:Replace: to retrieve the Customer by: retrieving the Customer
Page 132: Step 113: 8.The call to the OlapCube form is passed the apl variable as an argument, but the OlapCube constructor is only changed in Step 118, so do all steps between 113 and 118 inclusive, without trying to recompile the application. Alternatively, do not include apl as an argument to OlapCube in Step 113 8., but do it only after having done Step 118.