Training: C# Fundamentals
Student Comment
My expectations for the .NET and C# class was very high, given your world-renowned expertise as a developer and APL Expert/Guru.

You have super exceeded my expectations! In my career I have attended hundreds of technical classes, but this is by far the best prepared and delivered class that I have ever participated in.

Even though I came into the class with substantial experience in VB 2005 and C#, I have learned a significant amount of new techniques, and reinforced what I already knew.

Object Oriented design and programming is far from easy, and finally it has become much clearer to me, thanks to the great class project that you developed. I also learned a lot about the UML diagramming and how easy it was to build the classes, methods, and properties.

The new Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 behaved extremely well and we never experienced problems with it. I look forward to continue working with you as we embark on the design of our new CIU Claims Front-End application.


Raul Marxuach


Teach the students enough of Visual Studio, C# and .Net Framework that they be able to develop and debug complete simple .Net C# applications by themselves at the end of the class.


The normal length of this class is 10 days. The class can be adapted to students needs.

The students are provided with hands on experience in building a complete C# 3.5 application using Visual Studio 2008.

The typical course covers the following topics:

  • C# data types, operators, control structures
  • introduction to the .Net Framework
  • namespaces, classes, methods, properties, events
  • constructors, access modifiers
  • arrays, collections
  • generics
  • Object Oriented Programming, inheritance
  • using Windows Forms to build a User Interface
  • handling events
  • exception handling
  • debugging
  • analyzing the application
  • modeling the database
  • using SQL Server Express and SQL Server Express Management Studio
  • organizing the application as a 3-tiers application
  • building the 3 tiers: the Data layer, the Business layer and the User Interface layer
  • using Server Explorer to build a database
  • using Server Explorer to interactively build queries
  • learning ADO.Net basics
  • using Store Procedures
  • developing the Data layer
  • developing the Business layer
  • developing the application User Interface
  • writing dialog boxes

The .Net Framework main standard types are learnt and reviewed progressively as the C# application is being built.

Course Length

10 days

Course Instructor

The instructor is: Eric Lescasse

Course Language

The course may be held in English or in French.

Course Type

You may choose among the following course types:

  1. in-house course for 2 to 10 persons
  2. individual course at our location (Lescasse Consulting - 18 rue de la Belle Feuille - 92100 Boulogne - France)
  3. individual on-line course where Instructor and Student work over Internet with Skype and GoToMyPC


In-House Courses

We charge all our expenses (including transportation, hotel, restaurants) plus the following prices per person attending the course and per day:

# of studentsPrice per person and per day
2 persons500 €
3 persons450 €
4 persons400 €
5 persons350 €
6 persons310 €
7 persons280 €
8+ persons260 €

Individual Courses at our Location

This is reserved for individuals only.

# of studentsPrice per person and per day
1 person1000 €

Individual On-Line Courses

This is reserved for individuals only.

# of studentsPrice per person and per day
1 person800 €


A 350 pages course material document is provided on-line for download by the students (Download a Course Material Sample Chapter 522K)

The C# Fundamentals Course material can also be purchased separately, even if not attending the course, at the following conditions:

C# Fundamentals (350 pages)800 €


Students may be brand new to Visual Studio C# and the .Net Framework, but some prior programming experience is required.

All students must have the following products installed on their machines:

  1. Visual C# Express 2008+ (or Visual Studio 2008 Professional+)
  2. SQL Server 2005 Express (or SQL Server 2008 Express)
  3. SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 (or SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Express)

For on-line instructed classes, we provide the GoToMyPC connection but you might prefer to invite me to your PC (see: How to use GoToMyPC). Students should have:

  1. installed Skype (see: How to Install and Use Skype)
  2. a working headset with a microphone or preferably a Webcam with a microphone