How to solve error: my ASP.Net Web Site does not display OK in IE10!


You have developed an ASP.Net Web Application and it displays OK in some browsers but not in IE10!

Additionally some events would not fire, while they do fire ok in other browsers.


The solution is simple

You must replace the "browser definition files" which are shipped with .Net 2 and/or .Net 4 since they have not been updated to support IE10.

These files are named: ie.browser and firefox.browser

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. for a .Net 4 Web Application: use NuGet to install the App_BrowsersUpdate package
    This is done by right clicking your Web Application in Solution Explorer, select Manage NuGet Packages and search for App_BrowsersUpdate. Be sure to select and install the App_BrowsersUpdate for .Net 4
  2. for a .Net 2 Web Application: proceed as for .Net 4 but select and install the App_BrowsersUpdate.net20 package instead

This will create an App_Browsers folder in your solution and populate it with the updated ie.browser and firefox.browser files

After doing that, your Web Application will magically start to display and behave ok in IE10!