I am working as a consultant to develop Windows applications and ASP.Net Web Sites.

My customers are primarily in the United States, Australia, Sweden, Austria, etc. ... and France!

Applications Developed

I develop or help my customers develop the following kind of applications:

  • pure C# Windows Forms applications
  • ASP.Net Web Sites
  • C# applications using APL+Win in the background
  • APL applications using C# Windows Forms, C# User Control or C# DLLs
  • Web-based ClickOnce applications where the User Interface is entirely written in C# and all the processing, database, etc. is written in APL+Win
  • C# ActiveX DLLs that one can use from APL to for example speed up some processes, etc.

Communicating with my Customers

I am using the following tools to communicate with my customers and share my or their screen:

  • Skype (see Using Skype)
  • GoToMyPC (see Using GoToMyPC)
  • Microsoft Lync (my user name is:
  • Other tools: TeamViewer, LogMeIn, ...

Additionally I often develop directly in the DropBox, thus allowing my customers to always have the application source code up-to-date.

Languages and Tools Used

I am primarily using some or all of the following tools to develop applications: