Learn C#

Why learn C# and .Net?

There are a number a good reasons why learning C#, Visual Studio and .Net will benefit any developer and particularly APL developers:

  1. the main good reason is that you'll build much better User Interfaces using C# than you can build using APL
  2. a second good reason is that your own customers are probably expecting you to deliver them with a .Net based application
  3. a third good reason is that using C# you'll open your application to being able to use the whole .Net Framework, i.e. thousands of already built in objects
  4. a fourth good reason is that you'll still be able to keep most of your application in APL since C# interfaces perfectly with APL and lets you use your whole APL workspace in the background
  5. additionally, Visual Studio (VS) is a perfect development environment and a great pleasure to use
  6. also, C# and APL have a lot of things in common: they are both rigorous, concise, extremely secure, can use nested arrays, etc.
  7. finally, learning C# is easy to learn: C# is not C or C++!

If you are new to .Net, C# and Visual Studio, this section of the site will help you discover this new world!

You'll find:

  1. an introductory article called C# Primer showing how to write a simple DLL and a simple Windows Form application with Visual Studio
  2. a number of screencasts tutorials called C# Videos
  3. a list of good books about C#, Visual Studio and .Net
  4. information about the in-house C# Training I provide