MACfns 4.0 Personal License Agreement
            Personal Use License Agreement for MACfns

                                           Date _________________

Read the following License Agreement carefully.  By signing it,
you consent to be bound by and become a party to this Agreement.
If you don't agree to all the terms of this Agreement, you may
not examine or use MACfns in any way.

What you are licensing

  MACfns consists of Software and Documentation.  The Software
  consists of Compiled Assembly Code, APL cover functions, and
  APL analog functions.  The terms of this Agreement pertain to
  both the Software and the Documentation.  This Agreement also
  covers both the initial version you receive, and any subsequent
  versions or updates you may receive.

  Sykes Systems, Inc. is the author and owner of all title,
  rights, and interest in MACfns.

Your License

  Sykes Systems, Inc. hereby grants _____________________ ("You")
  a nonexclusive license to use MACfns Software and Documentation
  on your own computers.  You are an individual person, and will
  not share the Software or Documentation with other persons.

  You may modify the Documentation, APL cover functions, and APL
  analog functions as needed for your purposes.

  You may modify the Compiled Assembly Code, but only in the ways
  described in the Documentation (under "Customization").

  You may make as many copies of the Software and Documentation
  as needed, but you must safeguard them as you would your own
  proprietary and confidential information.

  MACfns is protected by United States copyright laws and
  international treaties, and you must treat it accordingly.

What you may not do

  You may not distribute the Documentation of MACfns to others
  under any circumstances.

  You may not distribute the Software of MACfns to others under
  any circumstances.

  You may not place any component of MACfns so that it is
  accessible via a public network such as the Internet.

  You may not modify the Compiled Assembly Code except as
  described in the Documentation (under "Customization").

  You may not reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or make
  any attempt to discover the source code of the MACfns Compiled
  Assembly Code, nor allow others to do so.

  You may not sublicense, rent, lease, or lend any component of
  MACfns to others.

  You may not transfer this License to another person or legal
  entity without written authorization from Sykes Systems, Inc.

Limited Warranty

  Sykes Systems, Inc. warrants that for a period of six months
  after delivery of MACfns to you that the Software will perform
  in substantial accordance with the Documentation.

  We do not warrant the merchantability or fitness of MACfns for
  any particular purpose.

  We will not be liable for any direct, incidental, or
  consequential damages arising from the use of, or inability to
  use, MACfns, nor for claims from another party.

Term and Termination

  This License Agreement takes effect upon your receipt of MACfns
  and remains effective until terminated.  You may terminate it
  at any time by destroying all copies of MACfns in your
  possession.  It will also automatically terminate if you fail
  to comply with any term or condition of this License Agreement.
  You agree on termination to destroy all copies of the Software
  and Documentation in your possession.


  MACfns contains trade secrets and proprietary know-how that
  belong to Sykes Systems, Inc. and it is being made available
  to you in strict confidence.  You must ensure the protection
  and confidentiality of MACfns.  Any use or disclosure of the
  Software or Documentation, or of its algorithms or protocols,
  other than in strict accordance with this License Agreement,
  may be actionable as a violation of our trade secret rights.

General Provisions

  This written License Agreement is the exclusive agreement
  between us concerning MACfns.  It may be modified only in
  writing signed by both of us.

  In the event of litigation between us concerning MACfns, the
  prevailing party in the litigation will be entitled to recover
  attorney fees and expenses from the other party.

  This License agreement is governed by the laws of California.

Your Name:  _________________________   _________________________
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