NetAccess History

Version 4.0 (23 december 2010)

  • Adding support for the .Net Framework 4.0
  • Allowing a NetAccess C# Form to be used as an MDI child form in an APL+Win MDI application
  • Adding the following properties when creating a Form: ParentHandle, where
  • Adding the following methods when creating a Form: Close, Show, Wait
  • Overriding ProcessKeyPreview to allow the Tab key and Shift+Tab keys to behave ok when a NetAccess form is used modelessly
  • Fixing all the links in the Help menu which were broken due to a move of my Web Site
  • Updating the NetAccess History Web page
  • Changing the class types Check Boxes to Radio buttons
  • Adding the Class radio button
  • A Class, Form or User Control can now be automatically added to an existing Visual Studio Project
  • Adding a Check Boxes column in the Properties page to allow defining Automatic Properties or change from Normal Properties to Automatic Properties and vice versa
  • Replacing simple (⎕ss) searches by syntactic searches in many places (thus fixing one bug)
  • Adding a second toolbar that shows when Help menus options are used to allow returning more easily to the C# code
  • Saving the NetAccess form size before displaying a video and resetting it afterwards
  • A new Information Panel is displayed when NetAccess starts up
  • A new Check Box entitled "Show Information Panel at Startup" has been added to the Edit/Preferences dialog
  • Changing the default name for the NetAccess project to "Namespace.Class.ccg" (used to be: "Namespace.ccg")
  • All toolbar icons have been changed for a better User Interface
  • Images have been added to the Properties, Methods, Events, C# Code and Generate buttons
  • Adding a 4th Video Tutorial in the Help menu
  • Adding a 5th Video Tutorial in the Help menu
  • Improvement made to the way NetAccess checks if the source code has been modified by an external application
  • The where property has been renamed Where
  • The Where property needs no longer be enclosed within parentheses when set in APL
  • Fixed a bug: trailing backslash is now removed from the Default Directory set by user in Preferences dialog
  • Fixed some layout problems when using Windows 7 with medium size fonts selected
  • Added a check that the .Net Framework is installed when NetAccess starts
  • Added a new Notes menu option to the Help menu

Version 3.1 (23 march 2009)

  • New Edit/Preferences dialog added
  • New Tutorial 3 added to help menu
  • You can now specify where you want your C# project to be saved
  • You can now decide if clicking on the Generate button creates a complete Visual Studio solution, or not
  • When removing a Property, Method or Event, you now have the choice of commenting it in the code or really removing it from the code
  • Bug corrected: the <form>.Designer.cs C# file was not created when automatically generating a DLL project with a form or a user control
  • Bug corrected: NetAccess was not properly handling methods having modifiers like: new, override, static, etc.

Version 3.0 (30 december 2008)

  • NetAccess now automatically generates the Visual Studio complete project the first time the Generate button is clicked
  • New .Net Framework combo box in toolbar allows to choose Framework to use for generating project
  • MRUs (Most Recently Used files) have been added to File menu
  • New Form check box allowing to create C# DLLs containing C# forms
  • GetClassName method improved to support partial classes
  • Confirmation prompt added when deleting events
  • Improved error handling and improved error messages
  • New Edit/Undo menu option added allowing one level of Undo
  • New Edit/Enable Fields menu option added to allow enabling the NameSpace, ClassName and C# File Name fields
  • Better control of characters typed in NameSpace and Class fields
  • Changing the NameSpace field now automatically updates the code
  • Changing the Class field now automatically updates the code
  • Default filename added to Save As... dialog
  • Bug corrected in NetAccess Installation when installing to a long name directory containing blanks
  • Bug corrected when deleting properties: now blanks the entire property line in the properties gridli>
  • Bug corrected when deleting events: now blanks the entire event line in the events grid
  • Bug corrected when pressing del on an empty property, method or event line in the properties, methods or events grids
  • Bug corrected: removed the use of the Info function which sometimes resulted in the mouse being captured by the NameSpace edit field
  • Bug corrected: the Copy to Clipboard toolbar button was working but not the Edit menu equivalent option

    NetAccess v2.3

Version 2.2 (october 2008)

  • Revised Installation System
  • New File/Exit menu option
  • New Help/History menu option to display this Web page
  • New Help/NetAccess Tutorial 1 menu option to display a first NetAccess Screencast Tutorial
  • New Help/NetAccess Tutorial 2 menu option to display a second NetAccess Screencast Tutorial
  • New Help/C# Books menu option to display a list of recommended C# books for learning C#
  • New Help/C# Training menu option to display available C# Training from Lescasse Consulting
  • Accelerator keys added to the buttons and check box
  • NetAccess workspace renamed from INTEROP.W3 to NETACCESS.W3
  • the User Control check box now triggers a click on the Generate button
  • NetAccess buttons are now disabled till a NameSpace and Class have been entered
  • Improvements made in the way NetAccess projects are saved
  • The default directory for saving NetAccess file is now initially set to ...\My Documents\NetAccess
  • Bug corrected: NetAccess would break in the form onFocus event
  • Bug corrected: 2 + signs were included at the beginning of the code copied from Visual Studio to NetAccess when NetAccess would get the focus

Version 2.1 (april 2007)

This is a minor new version with a bug fix and a few small enhancements.
  • corrects a bug that would prevent NetAccess to work properly when adding/changing methods/properties/events for a User Control (i.e. when you had checked the User Control check box)
  • the NetAccess caption now displays a * symbol after the file name whenever the file has changed and needs to be saved
  • the File/Save As option now prompts you for confirmation if you have selected a filename which already exists
  • the File/Close option re-enables the Generate button and the User Control check box as it should
  • the displayed product name has been changed from C# Code Generator to NetAccess in the whole application

Version 2.0 (march 2007)

This is a major new version of NetAccess:
  • Syntax Coloring
    • the C# generated code is now syntax colored (with the same default colors as used by Visual Studio 2005)
  • Grid Colors
    • the Properties, Methods and Events grids now use colors
  • Automatic Link to the Visual Studio C# Source File
    • a new field and button lets you link the current NetAccess project to the corresponding Visual Studio C# file
  • 2-way C# Code Changes Detection Between the NetAccess RichEdit Control and the NetAccess Grids
    • all changes you make to the NetAccess Properties, Methods and Events grids are automatically reflected in the C# code
    • all changes you make to the C# code are automatically reflected in the NetAccess Properties, Methods and Events grids
  • 2-way C# Code Changes Detection Between NetAccess and Visual Studio 2005
    • when you change and save C# code in NetAccess, Visual Studio automatically detects the changes and prompts you to load the NetAccess version of the file
    • when you change and save C# code in Visual Studio, NetAccess automatically detects the changes and prompts you to load the Visual Studio version of the file
  • C# Code Preservation
    • NetAccess now preserves C# code you may have written under Visual Studio
    • This means that you can work back and forth between NetAccess and Visual Studio without losing code even though code is generated every time you make changes under NetAccess.
  • Automatic C# Code Adjustment and Generation from Changes in Properties, Methods and Events Grids
    • NetAccess now uses more than 100 regular expressions to perform automatic and secure adjustments to the generated C# code whenever you add, remove, rename properties, methods, events, arguments, etc. through the various NetAccess grids
  • Font and Font Size Selection
    • it is now possible to change the font you use and the font size
  • Miscellaneous
    • new toolbar buttons
    • new menu options
    • many shortcuts have been added to speed up working with NetAccess
    • tooltips have been added to all buttons
    • a new shortcut (Ctrl+Tab) to cycle thru all the NetAccess "tabs"
    • a new C# Code button to return mode easily to the generated C# Code "tab"
  • NetAccess ScreenCasts Tutorials
    • Tutorial #1 shows how to create a C# DLL including a Person object, how to define several properties and a method, and how to work back and forth between NetAccess and Visual Studio 2005: then the C# DLL is used from APL+Win
    • Tutorial #2 shows how to exploit the Microsoft .Net Regular Expressions classes from APL+Win: the Tutorial starts by creating a C# DLL with a Replace method allowing you to replace strings in a given text according to Regular Expressions; it then shows how to use the DLL from APL+Win. Finally a more complex method is added to the DLL using NetAccess: the method code is written under Visual Studio and after the DLL is compiled, it is used again under APL+Win. This Tutorial also demonstrates how to write some simple Regular Expressions.

Version 1.2 (november 2006)

This is a minor Release of NetAccess, including:
  • Sample NetAccess DLL Projects
    • Four VS2005 DLL projects generated with NetAccess and which you can use from APL+Win:
    • a DLL showing how to use the various C# types
    • a DLL allowing to send Email asynchronously
    • a DLL showing how to exploit the C# DateTime object
    • a DLL showing how to use a C# visual control from APL+Win (MaskedTextBox)
  • Various enhancements:
    • now remembers the last directory used for loading or saving a NetAccess script file
    • a toolbar has been added with buttons for most menu options
    • a few improvements have been made in the way the C# DLL was built

Version 1.1 (october 2006)

This is a minor Release of NetAccess including:
  • Access to .Net Visual Objects
    • The ability to include Visual .Net objects in the generated C# DLL and to use them from APL+Win forms!
  • User Manual
    • Revised NetAccess User Manual

Version 1.0 (august 2006)

First commercial release of NetAccess. Product includes:
  • an APL worskpace with a User Interface
    • allows to automatically generate the C# code for a COM Interop C# DLL
    • allows to automatically generate DLL properties
    • allows to automatically generate DLL methods
    • allows to automatically generate DLL events
  • 100 pages NetAccess User Manual with numerous examples