Ribbon Features & Screen Shots
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This page lists the Ribbon© features and then shows some screen shots describing these features.

Ribbon© Features

Ribbon© includes properties, methods and events allowing you to programmatically:

  • add a Ribbon control to an APL form
  • add ribbon Tabs to the ribbon
  • add ribbon Bars to a ribbon Tab
  • add buttons with text and/or small or large icons to a ribbon Bar
  • add split buttons with multiple level of sub-menus to a ribbon Bar
  • add vertical or horizontal Containers to a ribbon Bar
  • add a font names combo box object to a ribbon bar
  • add a font size combo box object to a ribbon bar
  • add a color picker button to a ribbon bar
  • add galleries to a ribbon bar
  • add an application menu
  • add menu options to an application menu
  • add a calculator object to a ribbon bar
  • add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • add menu options to the Quick Access Toolbar menu
  • store any nested array data in a ribbon Bar button
  • retrieve data stored in a ribbon bar button
  • remove a ribbon Tab
  • remove a ribbon Bar
  • remove a ribbon Container
  • remove a ribbon Button
  • show/hide a ribbon Tab
  • show/hide a ribbon Bar
  • show/hide a ribbon Button
  • enable/disable a ribbon Tab
  • enable/disable a ribbon Bar
  • enable/disable a ribbon Button
  • define button tooltips
  • define button super-tooltips with icons, header, body, footer, gradient backgrounds, etc.
  • select a given ribbon Tab
  • add a Theme button and allow selecting among 9 themes and theme tints
  • get/set MRUs (Most Recently Used files)
  • get/set MRUs tooltips
  • change calculator object various element colors
  • allow/disallow context menus
  • show/hide the ribbon caption
  • enable/disable the Ribbon
  • get/set the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) icon image
  • show/hide the QAT icon
  • position the QAT at top or bottom of the Ribbon
  • show/hide the QAT
  • set/set a minimum width for ribbon Bars
  • force ribbon Bars to have a given width
  • allow to completely localize the ribbon by providing translations ot the various ribbon items
  • full support for accented letters (for all countries)
  • minimize/maximize the Ribbon
  • show/hide the Ribbon
  • get various events in APL to allow reacting to user actions in the Ribbon

Ribbon© Screen Shots

APL Form with Ribbon

Button highlight with gradient when hovered

SlipButton with multi-level sub-menus

Font Names Combo Box

Font Sizes Combo Box

Color Picker DropDown

Gallery with Bottom Menu Options

Super Tooltips



Office 2010 Blue Theme

Office 2010 Silver Theme

Office 2010 Black Theme

Visual Studio 2010 Theme

Windows 7 Theme

Office 2007 Blue Theme

Office 2007 Black Theme

Office 2007 Silver Theme

Vista Glass Theme

Themes with Tints

Auto-Compressed Ribbon Tabs

QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) Menu with Custom Option (localized to French Culture)

QAT moved below Ribbon

Ribbon Minimized

Context Menu (localized to French Culture)

QAT CUtomization Dialog (localized to French Culture)

Application Menu with MRUs (localized to French Culture)

QAT (Quick Access ToolBar) made invisible