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Version (18nov12)

Version includes the following enhancements:

  1. added a GetOpenedDatabase method allowing to know the full path name of the opened database
  2. added a GetAllDatabaseNames method returning all the database logical names, physical names and their paths
  3. added a GetAllServers method returning all the SQL Servers available
  4. updated internal ConvertDataTableToNestedArray method to return "" instead of System.DBNull
  5. updated method OpenDatabase and its documentation; better handling of full database file name arguments
  6. added a new AddSPFromCode allowing to add a new Stored Procedure by simply providing its code
  7. added a KillConnections method allow to kill all connections to the database

Version (4nov12)

Version includes the following enhancements:

  1. added an ExecQuerySP method allowing to run Stored Procedures that return a result
  2. added an ExecNonQuerySP method allowing to run Stored Procedures that return no result
  3. added an ExecScalarSP method allowing to run Stored Procedures that return a scalar
  4. added an GetAllSP method which returns all Stored Procedures in the database including name, definition, date, ...
  5. added an GetAllSPNames method that returns all Stored Procedure names in the database
  6. added an GetSPCode method that return the T-SQL code of the specified Stored Procedure
  7. added an GetSPParameters method that return the specified Stored Procedure parameters including their name, type, ...
  8. added an AddSP method allowing add a new Stored Procedure to the database
  9. added an DropSP method allowing to drop a Stored Procedure from the database

Version (11jul12)

Version includes the following enhancements:

  1. added a Destructor to force closing the Access and/or SQL Server database when DLL is unloaded from memory
  2. changed the AccOpenDatabase method to provide full length error message in case of error
  3. added an AccCloseDatabase statement at the beginning of the AccOpenDatabase method
  4. added "[" and "]" around table names in methods ChangeNullable and RemoveRelation
  5. added support for table names containing hyphens in the AddRelation method
  6. added a note to the OpenDatabase method documentation
  7. changed the Build/Platform target from Any CPU to x86
  8. changed to the AddData method to allow specifying a table using the owner prefix (example: bop.TableName)

Version and earlier versions (23aug11-12apr12)

Version includes the following enhancements:

  1. added a CalledFromAPL property (defaults to true)
  2. added a NextId method allowing to retrieve 1 + the largest value in a column
  3. converted DateTime fields rounds their values up to the nearest integer, hence resulting in a wrong date and loss of the time
  4. changed to the AccCompactDatabase to make it also work with .mdb files
  5. the AccLinkedTables would not always return the list of linked tables
  6. added an AccCompactDatabase method to allow removing references to removed columns in the database
  7. added an AccDropColumn method to allow deleting a column in an MS Access database
  8. changed DropDatabase to allow deleting an SQL Server database with name containing blanks
  9. changed CreateDatabase to allow creating SQL Server database with names containing blanks
  10. added an AccLinkedTables method listing all linked tables in an Access database
  11. added support for the Date field type for SQL Server databases
  12. changed DropDatabase so that it allows to drop a database on a remote Server
  13. ensured that the AccRelations method does not return relations involving System tables
  14. added an AccAddColumn method allowing to add autonumber primary key column in an access database
  15. added a 4th argument to AccUpdateData to allow using fake Primary Keys
  16. added an AccUpdateData method (similar to UpdateData)
  17. added methods for converting an Access database to an SQL Server database
  18. added a ChangeNullable method to allow changing a given column from NULL to NOT NULL or vice versa
  19. added a RemoveRelation method allowing to remoave an existing relation
  20. changed AddTable so that it uses the SQL Server Data Types

Version (23aug11)

The LC.Objects.SQL DLL contains the following properties and methods:


  1. xAccConString
  2. xAccOpened
  3. xConString
  4. xOpened
  5. xVersion
  6. xAccConStrings
  7. xCalledFromAPL
  8. xMsgBoxErrors
  9. xThrowErrors


  1. XAbout
  2. XAccAddColumn
  3. XAccAddData
  4. XAccCloseDatabase
  5. XAccColumns
  6. XAccCompactDatabase
  7. XAccDropColumn
  8. XAccDropTable
  9. XAccExecNonQuery
  10. XAccExecQuery
  11. XAccLinkedTables
  12. XAccNumRecs
  13. XAccOpenDatabase
  14. XAccPrimaryKeys
  15. XAccRelations
  16. XAccTables
  17. XAccUpdateData
  18. XAddData
  19. XAddPrimaryKey
  20. XAddRelation
  21. XAddSP
  22. XAddSPFromCode
  23. XAddTable
  24. XChangeNullable
  25. XCloseDatabase
  26. XColumnDescriptions
  27. XColumns
  28. XCreateDatabase
  29. XCreateRemoteDatabase
  30. XDatabases
  31. XDbExists
  32. XDropDatabase
  33. XDropSP
  34. XDropTable
  35. XExecNonQuery
  36. XExecNonQuerySP
  37. XExecQuery
  38. XExecQuerySP
  39. XExecScalarSP
  40. XForeignKeys
  41. XGetAllDatabaseNames
  42. XGetAllSP
  43. XGetAllSPNames
  44. XGetAllServers
  45. XGetOpenedDatabase
  46. XGetSPCode
  47. XGetSPParameters
  48. XMdbStructure
  49. XNextId
  50. XNumRecs
  51. XOpenDatabase
  52. XPrimaryKeys
  53. XRelations
  54. XRemoveRelation
  55. XTables
  56. XUpdateData