SSGear Features

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Complete API

SSGear includes a large set of properties, methods and events allowing you to:

General Features

  • Embed the SSGear control in an APL+Win (or Dyalog APL) form
  • Use the SSGear control as a top level invisible object outside of any form
  • Does not require Excel to be present on the client machine
  • Read Excel files (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)
  • Write Excel files (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)
  • Import Excel files to APL nested arrays
  • Export APL nested arrays to Excel files
  • Add any APL nested matrix to a sheet, starting anywhere in the sheet
  • Add any APL nested vector of matricxes to a workbook automatically adding as many sheets as necessary
  • Retrieve the whole content of a workbook (i.e. all sheets) to an APL nested array in one instruction
  • Retrieve any part of a workbook (i.e. cell, range, worksheet) to an APL nested array in one instruction
  • Load, Save, Save As any Excel workbook

Information methods

  • Retrieve the decimal separator for the current culture
  • Retrieve the list separator for the current culture
  • Get/Set the workbook name
  • Get/Set the worksheet names
  • Get the total number of rows in the active sheet
  • Get the total number of columns in the active sheet
  • Get the total number of worksheets in the workbook
  • Get the used range (i.e. find th last used cell) in the active worksheet
  • Get the size of a range in rows and columns
  • Get all the possible Charts marker types names
  • Convert RC range addresse to A1 range addresses
  • Convert A1 range addresse to RC range addresses
  • Calculate an A1 range address by offsetting an existing one by a number of rows and columns
  • Calculate an A1 range address by expanding an existing one by a number of rows and columns
  • Retrieve the current DLL version number

Structural Properties and Methods

  • Add new sheets
  • Remove existing sheets

Navigation Properties and Methods

  • Get/Set the active sheet
  • Get/Set the active range
  • Get/Set the active cell

Display Features

  • Show/Hide the Formula Bar
  • Show/Hide tabs
  • Show/Hide the horizontal scroll bar
  • Show/Hide the vertical scroll bar
  • Show/Hide grid lines
  • Show/Hide grid headers
  • Show/Hide individual rows
  • Show/Hide individual columns


  • Get/Set range background colors
  • Get/Set range borders
  • Get/Set the default font
  • Get/Set range fonts, font sizes, font colors
  • Get/Set bold, italic, underline, strikeout on ranges
  • Get/Set range number formats
  • Get/Set range horizontal alignments
  • Get/Set range vertical alignments
  • Get/Set Excel-compatible formulae
  • Get/Set row heights
  • Get/Set column widths
  • Autofit ranges (row heights and/or column widths)
  • Display cell content at any angle (from -90° to 90°)


  • Sophisticated validation method allowing to specify validation type, operator, values to compare to, ...


  • Add any 2D chart to a worksheet
  • Use the QuickChart method to populate a worksheet with data and draw an associated graph in one instruction!
  • Change the chart type on the fly
  • Set chart grid lines and grid lines colors
  • Get/Set the legend visibility
  • Get/Set the horizontal chart grid lines visibility
  • Get/Set the vertical chart grid lines visibility
  • Get/Set the marker types, sizes
  • Get/Set the chart title, X-Axis title, Y-Axis title and their fonts
  • Get/Set the X-axis labels, Y-axis labels and their fonts
  • Automatically display point labels and choose the point labels background color, border, font size, ...
  • Get/Set the X-axis range and/or Y-axis range


  • Full print preview feature
  • Print in color or black and white
  • Define the print area
  • Define the print margins (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Define the print orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • Define the fit to page characteristics
  • Define print footers and print headers as well as their fonts, font sizes, etc.
  • Define print header margins and print footer margins
  • Allow to horizontall and/or vertically center the page
  • Define repeating row titles or column titles
  • Define the printing scale
  • Allow to print grid lines or not
  • Get/Set page breaks, row page breaks, column page breaks
  • Get the next row page break
  • Remove page breaks, row page breaks, column page breaks


  • Protect/Unprotect a workbook with a password
  • Protect/Unprotect any worksheet with a password
  • Protect/Unprotect individual cells and ranges
  • Protect/Unprotect formulae in whole workbook, worksheet or range
  • Instantly visualize all cells which are protected in a worksheet
  • Enable or Disable protection


  • Cut, Copy, Paste ranges
  • Copy ranges retaining formatting and formulae
  • Move a range
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Merge all cells in a range
  • Get/Set fixed rows and/or fixed columns
  • Clear ranges or entire worksheets
  • Blank/Unblank all zeros in a range