Using GoToMyPC

What is GoToMyPC?

GoToMyPC is online software which allows you to:

  1. share your PC screen with a remote user, optionally allowing the remote user to get keyboard and/or mouse control
  2. access your own Work or Home PC from any remote location

There are a number of other software offering the same functionalities However, after trying many of the other ones, I find GoToMyPC to be clearly the best: it always work perfectly.

How much does it cost?

You can download a 1 month free Trial version of GoToMyPC from:

After the free Trial it costs around $180 to get a one year Subscription allowing you to share one of your PC's screen during a full year.

Download the GoToMyPC free trial

If you do not yet have GoToMyPC installed on your PC, download it from:

You then fill some on line forms and will have to select:

  1. a GoToMyPC account Password
  2. an Access Code for your computer

Be sure to save these information in a secure place as you will need them later on.

How do you invite someone to share your PC screen?

Once GoToMyPC is installed on your computer, a GoToMyPC icon is visible in your computer Tray icon area at the bottom right of your screen

  1. Simply right click on the Images/UsingGoToMyPC1.jpg icon in the bottom right of your screen and select Invite Guest to PC...


  2. In the Invite Guest to PC - GoToMyPC dialog enter the Email address of the remote user you want to invite to share your PC screen: for example:


  3. Then click Send to send the Email invitation to the remote user
  4. In the Authenticate - GoToMyPC dialog, enter your Email and your GoToMyPC password (not your computer Access Code)


  5. The following dialog gets displayed:


  6. Click OK

    The next steps should be done by the Invited User

  7. The Invited User gets an Email such as the following one:


  8. The invited user should click on the first link in the above message
  9. He should then click on the Start button in the GoToMyPC Web page which is displayed:


  10. The invited user should then click on the Launch GoToMyPC button:


    The next step is done by you

  11. After GoToMyPC is launched on the Invited User computer, the communication is initialized and the following dialog gets displayed on your computer:


    You should:

    - select a Screen Sharing mode (most often select: Guest has full keyboard and mouse control
    - uncheck the Guest can hear sounds from my PC

    It is highly recommended to uncheck this check box as leaving it checked may often result in interferences with Skype!

  12. Following this step the Invited User should start seeing the Inviting User screen!

How do you remotely connect to your own PC with GoToMyPC?

First you can only connect to a PC for which you purchased a GoToMyPC Subscription (unless you are using the Trial Version)

Here is how you should proceed:

  1. Start your Internet browser
  2. Visit:


  3. Type in your Email and your Password
  4. Click Log In
  5. In the next screen, select your GoToMyPC Account (you may have several):


    Then click Go

  6. In the next screen, click Connect next to the computer of yours you want to access (you may have several):


  7. In the next screen, click the Launch GoToMyPC button:


  8. You are then prompted to enter the Access Code of the computer you want to access (do not confuse the Access Code with your GoToMyPC password):


    Click the OK button

  9. After a few seconds you should see your remote computer screen:


  10. When you want to disconnect, just click the top right button in the GoToMyPC green window.

    You should see the following dialog:


    Clicking Disconnect disconnects you from your Remote PC.