APL+Win Training Pack 14

The 32-bit Windows API

Download APL+Win Training Pack 14 (494 K)

This Training Pack is the last one of your Subscription. It contains a tutorial on how to exploit the power of the 32-bit Windows API directly from APL+Win through the use of the ŒWCALL system function.

This Training Pack includes one chapter: Chapter 26 - The 32-bit Windows API.

After introducing the 32-bit Windows API and its APL+Win interface, this Chapter shows simple examples demonstrating how to:

  • use API functions
  • pass arguments from APL+Win to Windows
  • use Windows constants
  • use Windows structures and pass them as arguments
  • use Windows callback functions and filters
  • send low level messages to APL+Win controls
  • mix high level APL+Win objects and low level API calls

These topics are exposed through many examples involving the following low level calls:

  • GetWindowsDirectory
  • GetSystemMetrics
  • GetClientRect
  • GlobalMemoryStatus
  • GetSystemTime
  • GetLocalTime
  • FileTimeToSystemTime
  • GetFileTime
  • CreateFile
  • CloseHandle
  • FileTimeToLocalFileTIme
  • GetVersion
  • GetLogicalDrives
  • GetLogicalDriveStrings
  • GetLastError
  • FindFirstFile
  • FindClose
  • GetTickCount
  • GetSystemDefaultLangID
  • VerLanguageName
  • FindWindow
  • MoveWindow
  • MessageBeep
  • GetEnvironmentVariable
  • HideCaret
  • EnumWindows
  • GetWindowText
  • GetClassName
  • GetWindowRect
  • GetClassName
  • GetWindowLong
  • SendMessage
  • Sending a CB_ADDSTRING message
  • Sending a CB_SHOWDROPDOWN message
  • Sending a CB_GETITEMDATA message
  • Sending a CB_SETITEMDATA message
  • Sending a CB_SHOWDROPDOWN message

In order to help you find the right definitions for the 32-bit Windows calls which are missing from the APLWADF.INI file, I have included 2 files: the API16.TXT and API32.TXT 32-bit API declaration files for Visual Basic.

The API32.TXT file should in particular prove invaluable for those who are looking for constant values.

Pack 14 Content

File Description
DISK14.DOC A 64 pages Winword document containing Chapter 26 of the APL+Win Training.
API32.W3 A workspace with several Win32 API utilities
API32.TXT A collection of 32-bit API declarations
API16.TXT A collection of 32-bit API declarations
README14.TXT The read me file