APL+Win is the version of APL for Windows done by APL2000

The APL language, although far from being as much used as Visual Basic or C#, is an extremely powerful computer language, simple and easy to use once you have made the effort to learn its basics.

APL+Win Strengths

It is particularly well suited for:

  • performing complex calculations
  • manipulating multi-dimensional arrays in all sort of ways
  • easily and directly saving/reading all kinds of data (including multi-dimensional arrays and nested arrays) to/from "component files"
  • interfacing to all kinds of other software and technologies with its full ActiveX support

Although being an interpreted computer language, APL+Win is very fast and can even sometimes outperform C#!

APL+Win is a complete development language so you can develop entire large and complex applications, including the whole User Interface, using only APL+Win.

Probably the greatest advantage of using APL+Win compared to using Visual Studio VB/C# to develop an application is that APL+Win provides the developer with an APL Session to let him clearly visualize his data at all times, even multi-dimensional arrays, explore them in all kinds of ways, try things, ... Combined with the extreme conciseness of the APL language which uses primitive symbols to perform operations which would otherwise require declarations, loops and several lines of code in VB or C#, APL+Win is unrivaled for exploring, understanding, testing your data. The tool that would most ressemble an APL Session in the C# world is LinkPad, but it is still far from being as flexible as an APL Session!

APL+Win Relative Weaknesses

However, there are some domains where languages like C# are superior to APL:

  • building a nicer and faster User Interface
  • writing your application in a real Object Oriented manner
  • accessing relational databases, especially SQL Server (though this is possible from APL+Win too)
  • using technologies to which APL+Win does not have a direct access to, like: Regular Expressions, XSLT, XML, Threading, Security, Networking, ...
    Note: all these technologies are also usable from APL, but not as simply and require using ActiveX

For these reasons it is particularly interesting to interface APL+Win and C#.

This can be done in all kinds of ways and the interface is extremely fast:

  • developing parts of the APL application user interface in C# (C# forms, C# user controls)
  • developing parts of a C# application in APL (calculations, component files, multi-dimensional array manipulation)
  • developing parts of ASP.Net Web sites in APL
  • writing C# + APL+Win Client-Server ClickOnce Web-based applications

Free APL+Win Runtime

Note that APL+Win includes a totally free Runtime which allows you to distribute your APL+Win based applications at no cost!