APL+Win v10.1
This update is recommended for all current APL+Win subscribers.
Current APL+Win subscribers can download the update for free at

Update description:

This update release includes the following important fixes to v10.0:

  1. The )RSAVE command left the active workspace, not the saved workspace, in a corrupted state that could lead to APL+Win to crash.
  2. The ⎕wi’events’ property did not return events specific to ActiveX COM server objects like Excel.Application and ADODB.Connection.
  3. The "Set next statement" option in Codewalker displayed an empty message box (dialog).
  4. Tying a colossal file with ⎕xftie caused APL+Win to crash.

Install Notes:

Unzip the contents of archive file into the APL+Win v10.0 folder replacing the current files.