APL+Win v12.0

This update is recommended for all current APL+Win subscribers that have version 11 installed. Current APL+Win subscribers can download the update for free at:

This v12.0 update release includes the following enhancement and bug fixes:

Enhancement: ⎕mom support in ⎕dr

The ⎕DR system function options 'wrapl' and 'unwrapl' now support ⎕MOM (Object Reference) and ⎕UCS (UCS Characters) data types.

Bug Fix (Interpreter):⎕wsts

During )SAVE and ⎕SAVE commands, the workspace timestamp (⎕WSTS) was updated in the workspace when the workspace file file attribute was set to read-only.

Bug Fix (Interpreter): floating point number display in APL Session

Some floating points numbers appeared as stars in the session with print precision set to 16 and greater.


      N (1 2 3)
10 1 2 3
N (1 2 3)
***************** 1 2 3

In v12.0, the result above is:

      9.999999999999990  1 2 3

Bug Fix (Session): Long statements syntax coloring problem

Long statement lines containing numerous color changes had syntax coloring errors mid-way through the lines

Bug Fix (APLGUI): Disabled Combo Box color problem

The edit portion in a Combo Box control didn't turn gray (the default appearance) when disabled (enabled=0).