APL+Win 13.0

The APL+Win v13.0 release is available and recommended for all current APL+Win subscribers. To download this release, visit and click the file "APL+Win v12.3 Update" using your software download username and password.

The APL+Win 13.0 includes the following changes:

  1. Bug Fix [APLGUI]

    The appearance of the right and bottom edges of a Form appeared differently dependending on the order in which the caption and non-zero border property were set.

  2. Bug Fix [APL GRID]

    The xHeadRows = 0 and xHeadCols = 0 states were not saved in the APL Grid's def, content and XML properties.

  3. Updated APLNext Virtual APL Keyboard

    The latest version of the Virtual APL Keyboard provides two new checkbox options: "Virtual Key regions are active" and "Tool Tips are active". These options are described in the document APLNext Virtual Keyboard.pdf.