APL+Win Training Pack 8

Understanding Nested Arrays

Download APL+Win Training Pack 8 (195 K)

This APL+Win Training Pack is entirely devoted to Nested Arrays and their use in real life applications.

This APL+Win training contains:

  • a review of nested array primitives
  • a review of nested array operators
  • for each primitive and operator indications of when to use them
  • numerous practical nested array examples
  • comparison of algorithms developed with and without nested arrays
  • the various uses of nested arrays
  • when to use and when to not use nested arrays
  • performance considerations

The companion workspace (NARRAYS.W3) contains all the functions which are demonstrated in Chapter 17.

Pack 8 Content

File Description
DISK8.DOC An 82 pages Winword document containing Chapter 17 of the APL+Win Training.
NARRAYS.W3 A workspace containing several utilities and nested array functions.