Using C# User Controls


A C# ActiveX DLL is not restricted to contain only non visual classes.

You can embed:

  • C# User Controls
  • complete C# Windows Forms

in a C# ActiveX DLL.

Therefore you can not only embed all the controls contained in Visual Studio 2010/2012, but also embed any third party .Net controls such as, for example, the fantastic DevExpress WinForms controls.


Here are a few examples of what you could use in your APL applications:

  • embed a BindingNavigator object in your APL form to navigate thru RDBMS records

    BindingNavigator Control

  • embed a CheckedListBox object in your APL forms

    CheckedListBox Control

  • embed a DomainUpDown object in your APL forms

    DomainUpDown Control

  • embed a LinkLabel object in your APL forms

    LinkLabel Control

  • embed a MaskedTextBox object in your APL forms

    MaskedTextBox Control

  • embed a MonthCalendar object in your APL forms

    MonthCalendar Control

  • display a NotifyIcon object in the Windows Tray icons

    NotifyIcon Control

  • display one or more SplitContainer objects with automatic Splitters in yoru APL forms

    SplitContainer Control

  • display a WebBrowser object in your APL form

    WebBrowser Control

  • use a DevExpress RichEditControl object in your APL forms

    RichEditControl Control

  • Etc.

These are just a few examples: there is virtually no limit to what can be easily done with the .Net Framework and third party controls like the DevExpress ones.

If you would like to use some nice looking controls in your APL forms or if you want to use complete C# forms in your APL applications, contact me and I'll develop a C# ActiveX DLL for you!