Using the .Net Framework through C#

Here are a few things which are difficult or sometimes impossible to do in APL, and are simple to programmatically do with C# and the .Net Framework:

  • Compute with Enormous Integers
  • Use Complex Numbers
  • Use Regular Expressions
  • Resolve Host Names and IP Addresses
  • Ping a Machine
  • Get Network Card Information
  • Send Email via SMTP
  • Upload/Download Files with FTP
  • Consume RSS feeds
  • Produce an RSS feed dynamically in IIS
  • Query XML files easily using XPath
  • Transform XML to HTML
  • Get OS, Service Pack and CLR version
  • Invoke UAC to request Administrator Privileges
  • Watch your drives for any file changes
  • Start, Pause or Stop a Windows Service
  • Use Memory-Mapped Files (100 Gb files or more)
  • Automatically detect changes in Network Connectivity
  • Calculate the Hash Code of a Password
  • Perform a Screen Capture
  • Show a Dynamic Print Preview
  • Perform Asynchronous Database Operations against SQL Server
  • Discover all instances of SQL Server on your Network
  • Create Shortcut on the Desktop or Start Menu
  • Write an Event to the Windows Event Log
  • Read or Write Environment Variables
  • Use an Isolated Store
  • Access a COM Port
  • Quickly compare 2 files for equality without reading them
  • Validate an XML Document agains a Schema
  • Etc.

These are just a few examples: there is virtually no limit to what can be easily done with the .Net Framework.

If there is some development you don't know how to do in APL, contact me and I'll develop a C# ActiveX DLL for you!