Training: Interfacing C# and APL+Win


Teach the students enough of the C# & APL+Win technology that they be able to start converting medium size APL applications to C# by themselves at the end of the class.


During this 3 days class a complete APL application is converted to a .Net C# application.

The typical content of the course is described below. However the course may be adapted to converting a part of one of the student APL applications if preferred.

  • Introduction
  • Using APL+Win as an ActiveX Server locally
  • The LescasseConsulting.AplServer DLL
  • Installing the LescasseConsulting.AplServer DLL
  • Build a First APL+Win + C# Client Server application
  • Passing arguments to an APL function called from C#
  • Accessing other parts of the APL workspace from C#
  • Calling APL System Functions from C#
  • Debugging C# Applications
  • Converting a real APL Application to C#
    • Studying the Training.w3 APL workspace
    • Separating User Interface code from non User Interface code
    • Refactoring the APL application
    • Developing the C# User Interface
    • Adding references to AplServer and to the APL+Win 3 Type Library
    • Closing the C# application properly
    • Writing the C# application code
    • Creating a Helper class with APL primitives rewritten in C#
  • Conclusion

Course Length

3 days

Course Instructor

The instructor is: Eric Lescasse

Course Language

The course may be held in English or in French.

Course Type

You may choose among the following course types:

  1. in-house course for 2 to 10 persons
  2. individual course at our location (Lescasse Consulting - 18 rue de la Belle Feuille - 92100 Boulogne - France)
  3. individual on-line course where Instructor and Student work over Internet with Skype and GoToMyPC


In-House Courses

We charge all our expenses (including transportation, hotel, restaurants) plus the following prices per person attending the course and per day:

# of studentsPrice per person and per day
1 person1000 €
2 persons650 €
3 persons500 €
4+ persons400 €

Individual Courses at our Location

This is reserved for individuals only.

# of studentsPrice per person and per day
1 person1000 €

Individual On-Line Courses

This is reserved for individuals only.

# of studentsPrice per person and per day
1 person800 €


A 139 pages course material document is provided on-line for download by the students. (Download a Course Material Sample Chapter 219K)

The C# & APL+Win Course material can also be purchased separately as a PDF file download, even if not attending the course, at the following conditions:

C# & APL+Win (139 pages)600 €


Students following this class should be fluent in APL+Win and should have a good basic knowledge of C#

It is recommended that new comers to the .Net world first attend our C# Fundamentals class.

All students must have the following products installed on their machines:

  1. Visual C# Express 2008+ (or Visual Studio 2008 Professional+)
  2. APL+Win v6.4+
  3. the LescasseConsulting.AplServer C# Solution (will be provided prior the class)

For on-line instructed classes, we provide the GoToMyPC connection but you might prefer to invite me to your PC (see: How to use GoToMyPC). Students should have:

  1. installed Skype (see: How to Install and Use Skype)
  2. a working headset with a microphone or preferably a Webcam with a microphone