C# Training

I am providing 2 kinds of C# Training Courses:

C# Fundamentals

This course is intended to new comers to the .Net world.

This course introduces students to Visual Studio, C# and the .Net Framework and teaches all the basic notions to know about in order to be able to write an application with this technology.

During the 10 days class, a complete C# application is written, from A to Z.

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C# and APL+Win

This course is intended to APL developers desiring to convert their APL applications to C#.

Students are supposed to:

  1. have followed the C# Fundamentals class prior to attending this class
  2. or have a good basic knowledge of C#

Students will learn how to rewrite their entire application User Interface in C# .Net and will also learn how to use the rest of their APL application from C#!

During this 3 days class a complete APL application is converted to a .Net C# application.

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