Download LC.Goodies (.dll & .chm)


  1. You must have the APL2000.TTF font (delivered with APL+Win [look for it in the APL+Win Fonts subdirectory]) installed on your PC to see the APL characters in the LC.Goodies.chm Help File
  2. Also, once you have downloaded the LC.Goodies.dll and the LC.Goodies.chm Help File, it is possible that you see the content of the file being disabled when you open it, seeing the "Navigation to the Web Page was cancelled" message:


    In that case:

    1. simply right click on the LC.Goodies.chm help file in Windows Explorer
    2. select Properties from the context menu
    3. click the Unblock button


    Similarly you will probably need to use the same technique to Unblock LC.Goodies.DLL. So, before running regasm as described in the LC.Goodies.chm Help File, start by right clicking on the DLL in Windows Explorer, select Properties and click the Unblock button if you see any.

    Otherwise you will run into the following error when trying to register the DLL with regasm: