NetAccess 4.0

The new version of NetAccess (v4.0) includes a number of enhancements:

  1. A revised User Interface with nicer icons

    NetAccess v4.0

  2. Full support for the .Net Framework 4.0
  3. A new 1h30mn NetAccess 4.0 video tutorial
  4. The possibility to now create C# Forms which can be used as children of an APL MDI Form
  5. Better support for C# Forms used from APL+Win
  6. Possibility to add a Class, User Control or Form to an existing Visual Studio application
  7. Improvement to the way NetAccess detects that an external application has changed the project
  8. Notes are now added to the Help Menu
  9. NetAccess now checked for the .Net Framework to be installed on the machine
  10. Numerous small enhancements mostly everywhere
  11. A few bug fixes