Use APL From C#


When you want to use APL from C# your application must primarily be a C# application developed in C# using Visual Studio.

The whole User Interface (100% of it) MUST be developed in C#.

APL+Win can be accessed from C# using one of the following 2 of my DLLs:

  • the AplServer DLL (if your application is a Windows Forms application or an ASP.Net Web Page)
  • the AplRemoting DLL (if your application is a remote ClickOnce Web-based Application))

The idea is simple: you can load an APL+Win workspace (even a huge one with thousands of APL programs) from C# and you have full access to all the APL workspace global variables and functions from your C# application! There is no restriction.


Here is an tutorial showing how to use my AplServer DLL class to use APL+Win from a C# Windows Forms application

Here is an example of an ASP.Net Web page using APL+Win in the background on my Internet Server in Paris (France)