Using Skype

To communicate with me, please use Skype.

Download Skype

You can download the latest version of Skype free from

Add me to your list of Skype users

Once you have installed Skype:

  1. Start Skype
  2. Select Contacts/Add a Contact...
  3. Enter: eric.lescasse.m6500 in the Skype Name Edit box

    Adding a Contact

  4. Click the + Add button

    Sending a Request

  5. Click the Send Request button

    Contact Request Sent

  6. Close the previous dialog. You should then see me: Eric Lescasse (M6500) in your Skype Contacts list:

    Me as your new Skype Contact

Which Contact should you use when calling me?

Please always start trying to call me using: Eric Lescasse (M6500)

If I don't answer, you may then try calling: Eric Lescasse (laptop)

Before calling me on Skype, please first check your Skype Sound and/or Video Settings

Check your Skype Settings

To use Skype you will need a good Microphone or Head Set or WebCam with included Microphone

To check for your equipment and ensure everything works fine:

  1. Select Tools/Options
  2. Click the Audio Settings tab in the left menu, under General

    Checking Skype Audio Settings

    Test your Microphone

    Test your Speakers

  3. If you have a WebCam, click the Video Settings tab in the left menu, under General

    Checking Skype Video Settings

    Check that your WebCam displays a good picture of yourself!

Calling Me

  1. First select me in your All Contacts list
  2. Please remember to try Eric Lescasse (M6500) first;
    if I do not answer, you can then try Eric Lescasse (laptop)
  3. Simply click the green Skype UsingSkype5.jpg button to call me, or if you have a WebCam and want to use it, click the UsingSkype6.jpg button instead.