APL2000 Products

We distribute APL2000 Products, mainly APL+Win, in France and other countries of the world (except the USA).

ActiveX DLLs

AplServer DLL

This free product is a DLL you can reference in any C# application to allow you full access to any APL workspace. It therefore allows you to fully use APL+Win from any C# application.

AplRemoting DLL

This product is similar to the AplServer DLL except that it allows you to create ClickOnce application where the C# User Interface runs on the client computer while the APL+Win part of the application runs on the Remote Server.

AplEngine DLL

This C# DLL is a large subset of an APL interpreter: it allows you to use APL pirmitives and operators from any C# application. It includes almost all APL primitives and most operators. It is limited to using up to 3-dimensional arrays.

AsmFns DLL

This C# DLL contains a C# implementation of all the Assembler functions found in the ASMFNS.W3 workspace delivered with the APL+Win system. You can therefore use these SStoMAT, ROWFIND, WHERE, etc. functions you're used to in any C# application.

C# ActiveX User Controls

All the C# ActiveX User Controls described below are used in APL+Win with ⎕wi.


This ActiveX C# DLL allows you to embed an Excel-compatible workbook in any APL+Win form. SSGear is by far the fastest grid you can use in APL, being more than 15 times faster than the APLGrid and more than 100 times faster than Excel.

Moreover, with SSGear you can load any .xls or .xlsx workbook and display it in an APL form. All Excel functions are supported.

With 28 events, 175 properties and 437 methods SSGear is an extremely complete grid, supporting virtually anything the major grids on the market support, including Excel compatible graphics.


The SQL ActiveX C# DLL gives you full access to Microsoft MS Access and SQL Server in APL+Win applications. With this DLL, you can fully use any SQL Server database in an APL+Win application: you can even programmatically create an SQL Server database and the DLL supports Stored Procedures.


The Ribbon ActiveX DLL allows you to embed an Office-like ribbon in an APL+Win application.