zObjects v2.0
What is zObjects?

zObjects is an APL+Win workspace and a set of 2 C# DLLs that allow you to write APL applications in an Object-Oriented way.

zObjects is designed to allow you to very easily "build really perfect APL Forms and Dialog Boxes" and to maintain and change them with extreme ease.

zObjects is also a Code Generator that can transform any .Net Framework or .Net 3rd party object, control or form into an APL+Win object that you can use with ⎕wi, thus allowing you to use .Net in your APL+Win applications.

zObjects is also a set of already converted .Net objects that you can directly start using in your APL+Win applications.

zObjects is the fruit of 20 years of APL+Win Object Oriented programming and of 7 years of C#/.Net programming (with an experience of nearly a million lines of C# code written): it is also a better and faster rewrite of part of my former APL+Win Objects product

Read my APL2000 2014 Conference Paper

To get a better and precise idea of what zObjects is, please download and read my APL2000 2014 Conference Paper:

Using .Net with []cse Made Easy.pdf (5.4 MBytes)

To whom is zObjects intended?

zObjects is intended to APL+Win application developers.

zObjects includes a number of template objects to allow APL+Win developers to create their own objects.

Like most developers, a lot of APL+Win developers like to write their own code more than using someone else's code: although they would have to use a bit of my zObjects workspace code to create their own objects, they'll be much encouraged to create their own objects. zObjects is really a product for developers that like to develop nice looking, clean and easily maintainable APL applications.

Other users or developers may just want to use the already working set of APL or C# objects included in zObjects!

Can zObjects be extended?

Definitely yes! The product is made for that, by design!

First, you are encouraged to create your own objects which is just plain easy as you can base them on existing Template objects of all kinds included in zObjects.

Second, you can automatically convert more .Net objects or third party controls (like the DevExpress library controls)

And finally and not least, if you have some C# development knowledge and expertise, you can build your own C# DLLs, populate them with C# Controls, Forms and/or non visual Objects, then convert all these objects automatically with zObjects to APL+Win objects that you can start using right away using only ⎕wi!

Even if you do not have such a C# expertise, you may ask some C# developer to create the DLL dor you and you can then automatically convert it to one or more "zObjects" that you'll use in your APL applications.

Can I get help with zObjects?

I'd be willing to help any APL+Win developer to start using zObjects (free of charge).

This can be done either by Email, phone or by sharing computers over Internet with Skype/GoToMyPC/TeamViewer...

How is zObjects distributed?

zObjects is currently still in its development phase, but there is a Beta version available.

If you are interested by testing the Beta version of zObjects, please contact me.

The zObjects v2.0 Beta version is free.